About Us


Taiwan Movement Disorder Society (TMDS) was established to integrate domestic Neurology development pertaining to movement disorders. Our goal is to disseminate knowledge about movement disorders through education and research, promoting the patient-centered care in Taiwan to the highest quality. TMDS was founded in 2007 through the dedication of several experienced neurologists and was led by the first president - Dr. Ruey-Meei Wu.
First President
Ruey-Meei Wu
First Managing Director
Chin-Song Lu
First Managing Director
Han-Cheng Wang

Mission and goals

  1. Uphold the education and research of movement disorders.
  2. Popularize the latest knowledge in the field of movement disorders.
  3. Encourage the communication between clinicians and basic scientists.
  4. Improve the medical treatment and care of patients with movement disorders.
Structure Routine activity